Branded Greetings

247meeting offers a Branded / Customised Greeting - your Guests hear a customised greeting with the name of your company, e.g. "welcome to the ABC Company conference centre” instead of the standard 247meeting greeting. This can be applied to a dial-in number in your own country, or in many countries. Branded dial-in numbers won't be listed on the standard 247meeting numbers page so you can control how they are communicated to your Guests.

New Dial-in Numbers

The cost and lead-time to activate this will depend on what countries/dial-in numbers you wish to have Branded Greetings applied to. In some countries new dial-in numbers are easily available at a modest cost with quick lead times. In other countries, this is not the case. As a rough rule of thumb, countries that have local numbers shown on the 247meeting dial-in numbers page are quicker and cheaper to provision new dial-in numbers in compared to countries that have only Toll Free or no dial-in access at all.
The following table gives an approximate idea:

Recording of the Branded Greeting

There are a few options for the physical recorded Branded Greeting file. In each case, we ask you to record the greeting the way you'd like your company's name pronounced.


  • "Welcome to the ACME Company's Conference Line. After the tone, please enter your PIN code followed by pound."

  • "Welcome to the Mega Corporation's Conference Centre. After the signal, please enter your PIN coded followed by the hash key."

You can record this on the 247meeting conference bridge and let us know when finished and what your PIN code is so we can retrieve the recording.

We can apply this recording to the branded dial-in number of your choice with about 2-3 days lead time.

If you wish to have our Voice over Artist record your Branded Greeting that can be arranged. Please record the Branded Greeting as above (so we know exactly how everything should be pronounced) and allow us approx 30 days to schedule a recording time/date with her.

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