What you can do with Live Control

Transfer a conference call from deskphone to mobile

You can start a conference call on your deskphone and continue on your smartphone, without interruption. Just open the 247meeting Mobile App, log in and the app will automatically recognise your call and connect you. You can then hang up your deskphone.

Monitor your conference call

247meeting Mobile can work as a remote control to your conference call. You can:

As the Host of the meeting, you can either join the call in due time and wait for your Guests alone in an empty meeting room or you can join only when all your guests are connected.
When opening the app, click on “Already dialled in” to view your Guests entering the call, or click “Dial me in” when you’re ready to join your attendees and start the call effectively. 

Add a colleague to the call in the middle of the meeting

When on your conference call, just click on the + sign on the upper right corner of the app. Then, pick the person in your contact list and add them to the call by clicking "Done" in the upper left corner.

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