We provide some of our corporate customers with platforms enabling them to schedule secure conference calls and assign billing codes to their clients' meetings. 

If you are already using this service, you might be interested in taking these meetings outside the office thanks to 247meeting Mobile. The app requires no PIN codes and no dial-in details. 

You have two options to start your meeting with the 247meeting Mobile app. Both will ensure your conference call is kept confidential and has billing codes assigned. 

Option 1: Start a previously Scheduled conference call in One Touch by pressing "Join".

If your meeting has already been scheduled using the platform, then joining it only requires a few steps:

  • Select the meeting you need to start,

  • Simply press "Join". 

  • Wait for the Guests of your conference call to join. 

Option 2: Start a PIN-less but Billable meeting in seconds

  • Download the app and log in with your 247meeting account details

  • Open the App

  • Click on "Settings", on the bottom right corner of your smartphone screen

  • Select "Conference Settings" 

  • Activate "Secure Mode" and "Billing code Prompt" once. It will stay activated until you decide otherwise.

  • Now go back to Settings by clicking on the upper left corner of your screen.

  • Click on "Conference". You can add contacts from the contacts in your phone directly from the app. To do so, click on the ‘+’ button in the top right of your screen or click on "Add Guests to Conference".

  • Click on the names of your Guests. If your Guests aren't in your existing contacts book, click the + button on the top right-hand side of the screen.

  • Fill in the form before pressing the "Add Guest" button to add them quickly to your call.
    Attention: they won't be added to your contact list, only to this call. If you know you'll need to call this person again in the future, add them to your smartphone's built-in Contacts.

  • You will be brought back to the Contact List view. Go back to the previous step to add more guests or click on "Done" in the upper right corner to start your conference call.

  • Now just press "Start Conference" to dial out to all your Guests in one touch. They will get a phone call. When answering, they will automatically be connected to the conference call. 

  • You can now monitor your call by clicking on the names of your attendees and selecting Mute, Unmute, Talk privately... 

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