When wanting to change your PIN codes please contact us first so we can switch this feature on for your account Administrator.
Email: info@247meeting.com

Please note that changing your PIN codes means your previous codes will be invalid for future planned conferences.

After you have emailed us to notify us that you want to change your codes, we will activate an option for your account administrators to change your codes when the time is right for you.

  1. Login to MyAdmin

  2. Select the Admin tab.

   3. Select 'Edit'

   4. Then Select 'Reset PINs' 

 5. Select the option you want changed, the host PIN, the guest PIN or both PIN codes.

6. When prompted to confirm select 'OK' and the new PIN codes will be generated.
A new wallet card can be ordered for the user by selecting the option beside 'Wallet card' located below the guest PIN.

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