After clicking the activation link in your email from Zoom, you will need to install the Zoom Launcher to host Zoom meetings from your device. The Zoom Launcher is a lightweight and widely compatible piece of software that will not have any negative impact on your device and is easy to install.

1: First, you will need to navigate to and click on ‘Host a Meeting‘. Select your preferred option from the drop-down menu.

2: If you have never previously downloaded the Zoom Launcher your browser will begin to download it automatically if you have downloaded it previously the Zoom Launcher will be prompted to run.

3: Once downloaded successfully the Zoom Launcher will immediately be prompted to launch (you may need to allow it to do so if you receive a pop-up from your device).

4: After it has successfully launched you will see the Zoom Launcher itself pop up and ready for use. You can now start your Zoom meeting as desired: with or without video, share screen, join a meeting or schedule your next web conference.

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