One of our customers’ most frequent requests is to get a copy of an old invoice on their account. MyAdmin allows you to quickly and independently retrieve these invoices for your records.

First, log into MyAdmin.

Step 1: Once you’ve successfully logged in you will be redirected to the Control Panel landing page. If you’re the administrator for the account you will see an ‘Administration’ tab. Select this tab to access your invoice history.

Step 2: On the Administration page you will see a list of available functions you can use to manage your account.The last one on that list is ‘Invoice History’. Expand this option to view your previous invoices.

You will now be able to view a history of transactions on your account, all your previous invoices and payments you’ve made. To get a downloadable pdf version of your invoices click on the ‘View’ button beside the relevant invoice. Payments you’ve made on your account will appear in italics above the last invoice received before payment, along with the date of payment

Retrieving a Statement of Account

At the bottom of your Invoicing History, you will find a link to email your statement to the designated accounts contact for your company. Click on this link to send the email.

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