The following are features that can be activated by the host at any time during a conference. 

*2Recording function: To start recording a conference press *2 at anytime. You will then be given an eight digit recording pin which you will need to take note of. When you have taken note of your recording pin, you will then be asked to press 1 to begin recording or to press * to cancel.

*3Play back a conference: If you have recorded a conference by using the *2 function and you have your eight digit recording pin, you can access the recording by dialing in to a call as normal and entering your host pin. Once you are logged in please press *3. You will now be asked enter your eight digit recording pin and then press # to confirm or * to cancel.

Press 1 to begin playback, 2 to re-enter your recording pin or * to cancel.

To start playback from the beginning of the conference, press #. To skip ahead to a certain point in the conference please enter the number of minutes followed by # or press * to cancel.

To stop playback at anytime, you can hang up or press *3 to return to your call.

*4Gain function: Use the gain function to level audio volume for each line dialed into conference. This function should be activated when one or more user’s volume is too high or too low. This function can be deactivated at anytime by pressing *4.

*5 – Lecture mode: Lecture mode is a function only the host can use. This function mutes all other users and allows the host to speak without any interruptions. This function is especially useful if there is noise coming from one or more of the guests. You can turn off this function at any time by pressing *5.

*6 – Mute/Un-mute: If callers have a lot of background noise, they can mute their own line.

*7 – Lock Conference: If the Lock Conference feature is configured on your account, you can use *7 to lock your conference call, meaning no further callers can join. To un-lock your Conference to allow users to dial-in to the Conference, repeat *7.

*8Roll call: This function can be used in two ways. If you press *8 at anytime it will tell you how many callers are in conference (including host). If you have announcements activated on your account and you press *8, it will now say the name of each user dialed into conference.

*0Operator: If at any time you need to contact an operator please dial *0 for assistance.

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