To set up your credit card billing you need to log into MyAdmin and select the 'Admin' tab.

1.Click on 'Billing Details'

You may first need to collapse the User List before you see the link for 'Billing Details' Here you can configure who the Invoices should be addressed to (name, address etc) and if anyone should have the invoices copied by email when sent.

2. Scroll down to “Payment Method” 

You will have the following options available:

Option 1 Enter your credit card details on our payment’s partner secure server (you will be invoiced at the beginning of every month and payments taken 14 days later)

Option 2 Contact us to have your Account activated

Option 3 Contact us and request a Direct Debit mandate form

3. To set up your credit card billing select 'Option 1'.

4. You will now be forwarded to our secure payments partner “WorldPay”. By clicking “CONTINUE” you agree to these terms and conditions

5. Now you are transferred to Secure Payment Page where you are asked to enter an agreement with “WorldPay”. You agree to have your card automatically charged by 247meeting every month. The limits are described as “No Limit” as your bill will change every month. Select the payment type you wish to use

6. Enter your details and your card details. Once the form is filled in you may click “MAKE PAYMENT”

7. After your 0.00 ‘payment’ is processed you will be redirected to a confirmation screen with the agreement details. You will also be emailed a copy of your username and password which you will need for updating your card details when they expire or change.

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