You and your guests can use any combination of the dial-in numbers available at to join the same conference call. We generally recommend you choose the number closest to your current location as it should help you cut down on Network Costs; but there’s nothing to stop you from dialling into the Tokyo number from your Dublin office, while your London guest dials into the Frankfurt number and your Italian guest dials into the San Jose number.

The only exception is if your Account Administrator has implemented Toll-Free Cost Control, where they have requested to restrict your access to our more expensive and premium Numbers. However, you will not be able to see the Premium numbers if they are restricted to you so you do not need to worry about how to identify which numbers will work for you.

If you have received a Wallet Card with a Dial-In Number, this is just a guide to the number you might most frequently use it does not limit you to only using that particular number. You can request a new Wallet Card with a different Local Number by contacting us.

If you can't find any local dial-in number for your conference call, just take a look at the 247meeting Mobile App. The app enables you to call all your Guests at once, in whichever country they are, and offers more interesting prices than the Toll Free numbers.

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