247meeting offers a variety of Conference Call types, from our standard ‘AnyTime’ to huge conference calls for 18,000 people.

AnyTime: 247meeting’s most commonly used type of conference call, Guest & Host PIN codes are permanently available so you don’t need to book with us in advance. You just arrange the time with your Guests. At the agreed time you dial in as Host and they dial in as Guest.

Group Dialout: a pre-configured list is dialled automatically when the Host dials in

Dialout call: dial other callers into your call by using *1 on your keypad. This can be mixed with the standard AnyTime dial-in call

Crisis Management: useful for Business Continuity Process or ‘war-room’. In the event of a company crisis a pre-configured list of say executive mobiles is dialled out when the Host dials in

Meet me secure: each individual caller is assigned a personalised PIN code in addition to the standard Guest PIN code (which is shared by all Guests). This adds maximum security and means you know exactly who has joined the call

Event call for large calls (over 50 participants) that require professional handling (eg Investor Relations calls, company-wide briefing calls etc). Participants can be greeted by a professional operator, Questions & Answers handled by an operator and the call monitored throughout.

Operator assisted: callers can be individually greeted by an operator instead of entering PIN codes

Direct Entry: calls can be setup to allow callers to be automatically routed to their conference call without entering a PIN code

Extension of ‘Town Hall’ or ‘All Hands’ meeting (to include out-of-town attendees): if the whole company is having a meeting in a large meeting room or auditorium, you can allow callers who are out-of-town attend by conference call

Teleseminar or Lecture: Present your products and services to a wide audience by telephone; all callers are muted allowing you to speak and be heard clearly

Local or toll-free: Guests can dial in through local numbers at a low cost to both Host and Guests, or Guests can use toll-free or freephone numbers to dial in at no cost to them

Anytime Secure: the Host can ‘lock’ a call, meaning that no further Guests or Hosts can join the call, for maximum security

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