You can record your conference call using some simple touch-tone commands. You don’t need any extra equipment and there’s no additional charge. The recording is stored on our secure servers. You can request that it be deleted at a later date or request it in another format by contacting us. To start a recording:

  • dial into your conference as Host

  • when you want to start recording, press *2

  • follow the prompts and take a note of the Playback PIN

To play back the recording:

  • dial back into your conference as Host

  • press *3 to start the Playback and follow the prompts:

  • enter the Playback PIN followed by the hash key

  • press 1 to confirm 

  • unless you want to skip a section of the Playback, ignore the instructions about fast forwarding and the Playback will begin

To Playback the Recording as a Guest:

  • Dial 01 489 7567

  • Enter your Playback Conference PIN, provided by the call’s Host

  • You will be played a short message with the playback instructions.

  • Once this has concluded you will be played the recording in it’s entirety

To download your recording log into MyAdmin and follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the “Recordings” tab

2. Select the recording you wish to download and click “Get Recording Details”

3. A pop-up will inform you that your requested file is being transferred. An email will be sent to the email address associated with your account when the transfer is complete

4. You will receive a message from when your recording is available for download. Follow the instructions included in your message

5. You can now view the file or save it to your disk. Choose on of the options and click “OK”

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