Your Wallet Card with your personal conferencing details is sent to you when you sign up, or if your administrator signs you up for an account. Your wallet card is made to fit snugly in your wallet so you can carry your conference call details with you at all times.

247meeting’s free Wallet Card will be sent to you automatically on sign up if a valid postal address is provided. Your personal wallet card has all the details you need to organise your conference call on the go without any fuss, without having to contact an administrator or without frantically searching your emails. 

It also has a quick guide on the reverse of the card with In Conference Commands to ensure you have full control over your call quality. Know exactly how to cut out unwanted noise as and when it happens! 

Obtaining your own wallet card means you have been issued with your own personal set of PINs so you have full control of who is on your call.

Sign Up with 247meeting today for a free trial and receive your personalised Wallet Card.

I've lost my wallet card. How can I get a replacement? 

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