There are two ways to join a conference call from a mobile without having to type in your PIN code. The first and most reliable method is to use 247meeting Mobile. You can read more about our app here.

The alternative option is to create a contact on your phone which dials the number you use to join the conference and your PIN code with a pause in between. To create a contact with a pause:

1: Create a contact in your phone, as normal.

2: Type in the Dial In number from that you would like to use.

3: Here you will need to enter a pause, as part of the same number.

4: On your keyboard, find the * button which once long pressed should enter a comma, which is a pause or will say ‘Pause’. How many pauses you should include will depend on your phone so you may need to test the pause yourself before joining a conference.

5: Finally, at the end of the number type in your PIN code, followed by the # key.


6: Save your contact and you will be able to join a conference by calling your contact, without having to enter the PIN code.

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