Find here how to log into MyAdmin.


  • Conference Details

  • My Account Details

  • Recordings

  • Administration

Conference Details

The Audio Conferencing section shows the user’s Host and Guest PIN codes, and a link to all available dial-in numbers. The ‘Advanced Options’ link allows end-users to configure Advanced Conference Call options, such as whether a beep or message is played to announce new callers joining or leaving, etc.


The ‘Web Conferencing’ section contains a link to the user’s Zoom account, with all the relevant links and passwords required to hold webinars and web conferences

My Account Details

This section shows your Client name, email address and your password. If you wish to change your password you may do it here by clicking the link “Change Password”


In this section, you will find your Conference Calls recordings.


If you are an admin user you can configure your account settings simply by logging into your account and selecting “ADMINISTRATION” tab.

247meeting is the only conference calls provider that allows you to configure your settings manually. To manage your account and keep it safe and secure you have several options available.

User List

Here you will find a list of all users registered in your company.

By clicking the “VIEW” button next to a selected user name you can see its details such as the postal address, email address, password, host and guest code. By clicking the “EDIT” button you are able to make amendments to the user’s personal details.

There is also an option to “RESEND WELCOME”. When you click on this button an automatic welcome message is generated and sent to the selected user. This message contains his conferencing details: password, host and guest code

If you wish to remove the selected user you may do so by clicking “DISABLE” button

Add New User

Here you can add a new user to your company account. This is an easy to use method of creating new users and adding them to your company. You can create a new account fast and with no hassle

Fill in the form with a new user personal details and choose one of the available email options.

  • You may send a confirmation email only to yourself

  • You may send a confirmation email only to the new user createdYou may also send a confirmation email to both yourself and a new user created, or send no confirmation email at all.

Once you are sure which option you wish to use, and your form is filled in click “SAVE”


Here you can generate a report for any given user within your company. This report will provide you with information related to all conference calls made by a selected user. All you need to do is to select a user and click “Generate Report”. Once you have established your criteria a report will be generated stating the following details

Billing Details

Here you can configure your company’s billing method

Enter your preferred billing contact details and click “SAVE”

Note: You can have only ONE invoicing contact per company

If you wish to send copies of invoices to other contacts please enter their email under “Copy Invoice Recipients” option. You can have electronic invoices copied by email to other contacts, including all Administrators. Please put in email addresses separated by a Semicolon. If you are happy with the changes click “SAVE”

Under “Billing Details” option you are also able to set up a payment method that is the most convenient for you.

  • Option 1. Enter your credit card details on our payment partner’s secure server (you will be invoiced at the beginning of every month and payment taken 14 days later).

  • Option 2. Contact us to have your Account activated

  • Option 3. Contact us and request a Direct Debit mandate form

Company Details

Here you can change your company postal address. Once you are happy with the changes click “SAVE”

Invoice History

Here you can see your invoices and their status. There is also an option to send a statement of account via email to your email address. 

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