What Is Hold Music Filter?

Hold Music Filter is 247meeting’s new feature that improves audio quality for our customers by muting Hold Music playing into your conference.
It is available on Anytime, Anytime Secure and Mobile services.

When Should I Use Hold Music Filter?

If you can only hear Hold Music on the call you should first verify that at least one person has dialled in using the Host Code as everyone will hear Hold Music until the Host arrives, for security reasons.
If a Host has joined the call but you are still hearing Hold Music it means someone has placed the call on hold from their own device while waiting for the call to start.
The Host should use Hold Music Filter to identify and mute the offending line.

How Do I Use Hold Music Filter?

You will need to be dialled into the call as a Host in order to use this feature.

  1. Once dialled in, press # 1 to start Hold Music Filter.

  2. You will hear a short message explaining that one line will now be muted.

  3. Once the message is complete the Hold Music will have ceased.

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