The costs of a conference call can be broken down into two types: Conference Service charges and Network charges.

Conference Service costs

They are our charges to you, as the Host. The Host pays the Conference Service Charges for both themselves and their Guests.
If you are Hosting calls, when you receive your invoice from 247meeting this will list your total Conference Service Charges but not your Network Charges.

Network costsĀ 

They are what is billed to you and your guests by your respective phone network providers (Eircom, Orange, AT&T, BT, etc. ) for the costs of placing a call. When you receive your phone bill from your Network Provider you will notice that your Conference Calls are included.

Your Guest will see the same on their phone bill, however as most national calls are now free or included in a minutes package by most phone providers the likelihood is that you nor your guests will pay any extra Network Charges for your Conference Call.

Most national calls are now free with most Network providers so there will likely be no charge for your guests if they use their nearest Local number, however, if you want to guarantee no costs to your guests you can use our Mobile App or offer them a Toll-Free number. Please be mindful that when using a Toll-Free Number the Network Charges you have waived for your Guest will be passed onto you, as the Host.

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